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There are so many resources out there geared toward Growth Mindset that it can be overwhelming at times! I hope at this point, you’re feeling excited about growth mindset, but I’m sure you’re wondering – how can I add this to my already full plate? While we all know that building or shifting a classroom culture takes work, there are some small steps you can take right away to get started. I’ll share some of the steps I’ve taken in my classroom so that you have a guideline and some

As if it’s not enough to keep being swallowed up by my terror of the events in Charlottesville while I’m trying to prep for back to school, the graphic video of pure hate in the form of a car keeps autoplaying any time I scroll through Facebook. How can this be happening in this day, in my country, on a college campus, among people my age… killing someone who shares my name? All of the emotion that keeps welling up tells me to DO something, make an impact, and what

If you know you already love EC, use my referral link! Click here to create your Erin Condren account and place your first order with your $10 discount. Each year, I try not to succumb to the lure of the amazingly cute Erin Condren planners. Yet somehow, each year, I magically find myself with an Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner… and even the Erin Condren Life Planner this year! I’ll admit, the cost was initially why I thought I should refrain and stick with the free Lakeshore Learning teacher planner.

Well the good news is, I have been keeping up with eating healthy and working out for the most part. The bad news is that it’s hard to do all these things AND then blog about them! Here’s something quick and easy I made the other day. I’ve had good and bad feelings about tuna but I decided to give it another try if I could find a substitute for mayonnaise. I found this blog post on The Healthy Maven and decided to run with it but tortilla style instead

Alright so, as was stated, I’ve set out to get some healthy routines established before school starts again. Here’s the big disclaimer: I am basically new to this. Do I eat healthy and exercise? Yes, I generally eat healthy and yes I go to barre occasionally. Do I know how to properly julienne a bell pepper? No, not without a YouTube video at least. I’m going to assume most of you have your acts together much more than I do and I salute you. I’m also going to assume that

A Health Commitment

Finding balance and staying healthy

So it’s finally summer break where I have all the time in the world… and I find that I STILL don’t want to cook or exercise. However, I told myself that I would at least try some new recipes and get some workout routines established before diving into the next crammed school year. To help other people like me out there (please tell me there are some!) and hopefully force myself into doing what I said I’d do, I’m going to be updating this site with my progress. Here’s what

Hopefully this post comes at a time when you all are still enjoying your summer vacation and if not, hopefully these ideas still come in handy for wherever you are in your school year. My school district was one of the last to get out (June 23rd) so I’m finally feeling the freedom in the middle of my third week of summer. Don’t feel bad for me though – we go back the day after Labor Day, which is when I finally feel like those last three hot, sweaty, attention

Holiday Gift Ideas

Mason Jar Chocolate Chip Cookies - Holiday Gift

Last year for our Winter Party, we made some seriously cute gifts! Since I’ve learned that “parties” are always a bit chaotic, no matter how much planning is involved, I scheduled our party for the day before the last day of school. That way we had a day to gather our thoughts, belongings, and say goodbye to each other without me rushing them out the door and having a mess to clean up before my Winter Break! This year, I was fortunate enough to have our Room Parents send out

MEMTA 2016 – Pittsburgh, PA How can I even describe the week of happiness I just got to experience thanks to the National Science Teachers Association, Phil Mickelson (yes the golfer), and ExxonMobil Corporation…? I tried to summarize some of the magic that I encountered during the 6 days of this STEM Teachers Academy through a Wordle below (you or your kids can make your own at There are some things I left out though, like networking, FOOD, once in a lifetime, all expenses paid, treated like royalty… FOOD again. The

Happy Summer!

Pool lounging

See those hot dogs up there? That means we made it to that light at the end of the tunnel that is referred to as Summer “Break”! I think any teacher knows that, while our summer hours are glorious, they aren’t all play. This is the first year that I’ve had to turn in my keys to my classroom and am locked out until August! While this initially was a little bit scary, it has definitely given me a real break and I’m already feeling refreshed and ready to start…

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