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About Me

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I’m a fourth-year teacher¬†currently teaching fourth grade in sunny Southern California.¬†I teach Science and Math and rotate with another teacher who teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. What I thought would be less planning is actually much more complicated because of the different levels of the groups of kiddos I have. It’s a challenging but fun year and I love having twice the little hearts and minds to grow!

Aside from teaching, I enjoy blogging, crafting, reading, LEARNING, and any outdoor activities. Nothing is more rewarding than improving my practice and helping more young minds access knowledge. I believe that the pursuit and spread of knowledge is worth spending any amount of time and resources, however, I started this blog to hopefully help make these things quicker and easier for other teachers as I learn and grow!

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Thanks for checking in and please feel free to let me know your needs and wants from this blog.

Happy Teaching!

Heather Fitzgerald


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