is a work of art


is a work of heart


is a work of patience.


is a work of art


is a work of heart


is a work of patience


The intention of this site is to provide resources to inspire, support, advocate for, and collaborate with all who have interest in the betterment of education. 

Classroom Ideas

Gather ideas, inspiration, and resources to utilize in your classroom.

Parent Resources

Find resources to support parents in navigating through their child’s K-12 education.

Education Policy

Stay updated and contribute to important issues shaping our education system.

Instructional Coaching

Collaborate with other instructional coaches and share resources.

Research-based Practices

Cute AND rigor can be a thing.

Find resources for tasks that are fun and engaging while still being rigorous and intentional in moving students toward the standards.

Homework Help

Navigating Common Core.

Education has evolved but not everyone got to be included in the conversation. Find out what has shifted and how to support your child from home. 

Advocate for a better future

Stay woke, friends.

Our political landscape is constantly changing and the voice for the future lies in us. Stay updated on current education policy and contribute to the conversation.

Share ideas with other educators

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