Well the good news is, I have been keeping up with eating healthy and working out for the most part. The bad news is that it’s hard to do all these things AND then blog about them! Here’s something quick and easy I made the other day. I’ve had good and bad feelings about tuna but I decided to give it another try if I could find a substitute for mayonnaise. I found this blog post on The Healthy Maven and decided to run with it but tortilla style instead

Alright so, as was stated, I’ve set out to get some healthy routines established before school starts again. Here’s the big disclaimer: I am basically new to this. Do I eat healthy and exercise? Yes, I generally eat healthy and yes I go to barre occasionally. Do I know how to properly julienne a bell pepper? No, not without a YouTube video at least. I’m going to assume most of you have your acts together much more than I do and I salute you. I’m also going to assume that

A Health Commitment

Finding balance and staying healthy

So it’s finally summer break where I have all the time in the world… and I find that I STILL don’t want to cook or exercise. However, I told myself that I would at least try some new recipes and get some workout routines established before diving into the next crammed school year. To help other people like me out there (please tell me there are some!) and hopefully force myself into doing what I said I’d do, I’m going to be updating this site with my progress. Here’s what