Holiday Gift Ideas

Mason Jar Chocolate Chip Cookies - Holiday Gift

Last year for our Winter Party, we made some seriously cute gifts! Since I’ve learned that “parties” are always a bit chaotic, no matter how much planning is involved, I scheduled our party for the day before the last day of school. That way we had a day to gather our thoughts, belongings, and say goodbye to each other without me rushing them out the door and having a mess to clean up before my Winter Break! This year, I was fortunate enough to have our Room Parents send out

MEMTA 2016 – Pittsburgh, PA How can I even describe the week of happiness I just got to experience thanks to the National Science Teachers Association, Phil Mickelson (yes the golfer), and ExxonMobil Corporation…? I tried to summarize some of the magic that I encountered during the 6 days of this STEM Teachers Academy through a Wordle below (you or your kids can make your own at There are some things I left out though, like networking, FOOD, once in a lifetime, all expenses paid, treated like royalty… FOOD again. The

Happy Summer!

Pool lounging

See those hot dogs up there? That means we made it to that light at the end of the tunnel that is referred to as Summer “Break”! I think any teacher knows that, while our summer hours are glorious, they aren’t all play. This is the first year that I’ve had to turn in my keys to my classroom and am locked out until August! While this initially was a little bit scary, it has definitely given me a real break and I’m already feeling refreshed and ready to start…

I’ve recently decided to enter the world of blogging. Stay tuned for lots of engaging teaching resources, activities, ideas, and inspiration!   – Heather

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